Broken Glazz- Divine

Amazing reissue of the 1991 classic thrash metal album Divine form the Italian band Broken Glazz. Includes the never released before first demo of the band.  Read more






Brain Dead - Menace From The Sickness

Amazing old school thrash metal recommended for fans of Exodus, Annihilator, Testament and Slayer.  Brain Dead was formed in Ivrea Italy and is one of the Top thrash metal acts in Italy.  Read more






King Fear  – Frostbite

Musically FROSTBITE is rooted in straight-forward Black Metal with a slap of Black n Roll. King Fear singer Nachtgarm is successfully recognized for his role in the black metal band Dark Funeral. Great artists such as Satyricon, Khold, Shining (Swe), Celtic Frost or even Entombed and Tiamat have proven before: The fastest band is not necessarily the darkest band.

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Mutum – Premonitions of War

Mutum is a female fronted symphonic metal band from Monterey Mexico formed in 2001. The band played live in Mexico with bands like Blind Guardian, UDO, Edguy and Leaves Eyes among others. They also played in Europe sharing the stage with After Forever (Holland, 2006), The Gathering (Holland, 2006), Rata Blanca (Argentina, 2007), Tristania (Norway, 2008) and Haggard (Germany, 2009).

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